surveyed college coaches around the country on the teams and players to watch in their conferences to preview the 2017 college baseball season. Coaches were asked not to vote for their own players. CBI compiled their answers to provide insight on the upcoming season.(Click here for CBI Conference Previews)

Today, we take a look at the CAA (five of nine coaches responded).

The Team to Beat: UNCW

Top 3 Starting Pitchers: Bailey Ober (College of Charleston)*, Alex Royalty (UNCW), Brandon Walter

Top Closer: Carter Love (College of Charleston)

Pitcher with the Best Fastball: Bailey Ober (College of Charleston)*

Pitcher with the Best Offspeed Pitch: Austin Magestro – slider (UNCW); also watch Kevin Milley’s cutter (Delaware) and Bailey Ober’s change (College of Charleston)

Pitcher You Least Want to Face: Bailey Ober (College of Charleston)

Best Catcher: Erven Roper (College of Charleston)

Best Defensive Infielder: Richie Palacios (Towson) and Luke Manzo (College of Charleston) (tie)

Best Defensive Outfielder: Ky Parrott (James Madison) and Robbie Thorburn (UNCW)

3 Best Pure Hitters: Brian Mims (UNCW)*, Richie Palacios (Towson)*, Nick Feight (UNCW)

3 Best Power Threats: Nick Feight (UNCW)*, Brian Mims (UNCW), Kyle Jackson (Elon), Brett Johnson (James Madison), Nick Patten (Delaware) (note – Jackson, Johnson and Patten each tied for third)

Hitter You Least Want to Face: Brian Mims (UNCW) and Nick Feight (UNCW) (tie)

Best Game Coach: Mike Kennedy (Elon)

Assistant Most Ready for Head Coaching Job: Randy Hood (UNCW)

*unanimous choice

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