Mike Glavine is the head coach of Northeastern University in Boston, entering his third season heading the Huskies’ program. Glavine is a native of Billerica, Mass., and played four seasons at Northeastern as well as spending 10 seasons in professional baseball.

Glavine gives his thoughts on Super Bowl LI and the hometown team, the New England Patriots.

First Inning – Did you have a favorite Patriot growing up? If not, who was your favorite player or team growing up?

My favorite Patriot player was Troy Brown, he was the ultimate team guy.  He played offense, special teams and even played defense when they needed him.  He was a very tough, talented player that proved many people wrong along the way.

Second Inning – As the season started, what were your expectations of the Patriots, especially with Tom Brady sitting out the first four games?

The Patriots have an incredible amount of focus and discipline.  I thought the Patriots would rally around Brady and want to prove to people they could win without him.  My expectations were they would go 12-4, win the division and be playing for an AFC championship.

Third Inning – So, about that Brady suspension…Any thoughts on it?

I feel like it was an unnecessary situation that spun out of control and was taken too far.  Of course I have a Patriots bias but some people went to great lengths to attack the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Fourth Inning – What impresses you about Bill Belichick as a head coach?

His unwavering focus and discipline from week to week and now year to year.  His teams are always prepared and are able to avoid the many distractions that can affect a team.  Lastly, and most impressively, he is able to get professional athletes year after year to buy into putting the team first.

Fifth Inning – Which Patriot do you think would be the best baseball player?

Gronk- he would crowd the plate, head butt baseballs for a high OBP and make a good target playing first base.

Sixth Inning – Who on your team would make the best Patriot, and what
position would he play?

Cam Hanley- he would either be a fullback or middle linebacker.  He would definitely wear a neck roll like Devlin.

Seventh Inning – Who is the biggest Pats fan on your team/staff?

Tough one here but RHP Brian Christian is the player who is the Pats biggest fan.  Coach Casey is definitely the most vocal Pats fan.

Eighth Inning – Which player from the Falcons do you fear most?

The Falcons’ RB’s worry me with their pass catching ability.  Devonta Freeman.

Ninth Inning – Why will the Patriots win? What will be the final score?

I think the Patriots will win because they are the better team 1 to 53.  I think the Patriots have the advantage on defense, special teams, coaching and I think the experience will pay off in the second half.  Patriots 38 Falcons 27.

Extra Innings – What should we expect from your team this season?  

A high-energy athletic offense that is ready to take a big step forward.  With our overall team speed we should run the bases very well and play a high level of defense.  Our pitching is deep and has a great combination of youth and experience.  I am confident we can learn from the Patriots and put the team goals first and be a close family.


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