surveyed college coaches around the country on the teams and players to watch in their conferences to preview the 2017 college baseball season. Coaches were asked not to vote for their own players. CBI compiled their answers to provide insight on the upcoming season. (Click here for CBI Conference Previews)

Today, we take a look at the Missouri Valley Conference (5 of 8 coaches responded).

The Team to Beat: Dallas Baptist*

Top 3 Starting Pitchers: Michael Baird (Southern Illinois)*, Chad Whitmer (Southern Illinois) and Jordan Knutson (Missouri State) and Willie Schwanke (Wichita State) (Knutson and Schwanke tied)

Top Closer: Seth Elledge (Dallas Baptist)

Pitcher with the Best Fastball: Seth Elledge (Dallas Baptist)

Pitcher with the Best Offspeed Pitch: Bryan Young’s slider (Missouri State)

Pitcher You Least Want to Face: Seth Elledge (Dallas Baptist)

Best Catcher: Matt Duce (Dallas Baptist)

Best Defensive Infielder: Camden Duzenack (Dallas Baptist)

Best Defensive Outfielder: Jameson Hannah (Dallas Baptist)

3 Best Pure Hitters: Jake Burger (Missouri State)* (pictured, photo courtesy of MSU Athletic Communications), Jameson Hannah (Dallas Baptist) and Greyson Jenista (Wichita State), Alec Bohm and Spencer Gaa (Bradley) (Jenista, Bohm and Gaa tied)

3 Best Power Threats: Jake Burger (Missouri State)*, Austin Listi (Dallas Baptist), Alec Bohm (Wichita State), Trey Hair (Evansville) (Bohm and Hair tied)

Hitter You Least Want to Face: Jake Burger (Missouri State)*

Best Game Coach: Dan Heefner (Dallas Baptist)

Assistant Most Ready for Head Coaching Job: Dan Fitzgerald (Dallas Baptist) and Paul Evans (Missouri State)

*unanimous choice

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