Feb. 11, 2008


Gamecocks, Rebels are favorites in SEC


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CollegeBaseballInsider.com asked college coaches around the country to preview the 2008 college baseball season by sharing their insights on the teams and players to watch in their conferences. CBI compiled their answers to provide a sneak peek for the season ahead. click here for CBI Conference Previews


Today, we take a look at the SEC (nine out of 12 coaches participated).


The team to beat is: South Carolina/Ole Miss (tie)


The three top starting pitchers are: Lance Lynn (Ole Miss)*, Jared Bradford (LSU) and Mike Minor (Vanderbilt)/Stephen Dodson (Georgia) (tie)


The top closer is: Joshua Fields (Georgia)


The one pitcher you don’t want to face is: Lance Lynn (Ole Miss) (pictured right)


The most underrated pitcher is: Kyle Mullaney (Florida)


The best defensive catcher is: Phil Disher (South Carolina)/Shea Robin (Vanderbilt)/Hampton Tignor (Florida)/Brett Basham (Ole Miss) (tie)


The best three pure hitters are: Pedro Alvarez (Vanderbilt), Justin Smoak (South Carolina) and Brandon Turner (Mississippi State)/Ryan Flaherty (Vanderbilt) (tie)


The biggest three power threats are: Justin Smoak (South Carolina), Pedro Alvarez (Vanderbilt) and James Darnell (South Carolina)/Dominic de la Osa (Vanderbilt)


The hitter you least want to face is: Justin Smoak (South Carolina)/Pedro Alvarez (Vanderbilt) (tie)


The most underrated hitter is: Ryan Flaherty (Vanderbilt)/Casey Coon (Arkansas)/Logan Forsythe (Arkansas)/Sawyer Carroll (Kentucky)


Your favorite road stadium to visit is: Arkansas


*unanimous selection